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* Merge pull request 'Basic systemd service' (#4) from systemd into masterHEADmasterPratyush Desai2022-03-011-0/+14
| * Init systemd servicesystemdGeorg Pfuetzenreuter2022-02-021-0/+14
* initial commitmogad0n2021-03-107-18/+42
* fixes #8alex2019-09-221-1/+8
* fixes #9alex2019-09-221-1/+1
* fixes #5alex2019-07-102-0/+16
* fixes #6alex2019-06-281-2/+2
* fixes #7alex2019-06-284-32/+66
* moved config around somewhatalex2019-01-042-12/+38
* Added time limited bankrupcy, steroids for benching (don't persist across res...alex2019-01-042-14/+84
* int64 -> uint64 for coins, disable noisy logging, turned off wattery (it was ...alex2018-12-033-20/+15
* CanAct func, used in Riot and Liftalex2018-11-162-2/+15
* added actions table, makes it easier to add time based commandsalex2018-11-152-42/+74
* changed coins to uint64 and started using uints all over the placealex2018-11-143-35/+54
* formatting changes from goimportalex2018-11-083-103/+186
* nmalex2018-10-271-3/+5
* fixed rand to use crypto randalex2018-10-263-30/+52
* misc improvementsalex2018-10-253-29/+43
* added resting, messed about with stuffalex2018-10-232-20/+104
* fixed some bugs, fixed some debug behaviour, changed over to a command -> met...alex2018-10-233-56/+101
* added admin command for impersonating any irc commandalex2018-10-212-14/+24
* Reimplemented python bot in golang, skipped a few featuresalex2018-10-216-9/+500
* Added flag lib for parsing env + flag + filealex2018-10-201-6/+10
* sorry for rehosting ur stuff (。◕ ‿ ◕。)alex2018-10-2010-1/+799
* Initial commitself2018-10-193-0/+24